Intellectual Output 1 | e-Tutorials

The main target group of our e-Tutorials are youth organizations and youth workers. CiMe focuses on shaping their competencies, skills and knowledge, both on political education as well as on
media literacy. CiMe increases the knowledge and skills of youth workers and will influence young people, who form the second main target group.

We want to support the training methodology of youth workers with our created video tutorials. Let´s have a look!

Fake News

Fake News is all around us. We want to show you what Fake News actually are, how to recognize false information and how to become an aware digital citizen.

Password Security

We protect our belongings very well in everyday life – with keys, lockable objects or other gadgets – but how do we deal with our personal information in the digital space and what role do passwords play in this? Check it out!

Posting on Social Media

Social media is an increasingly important tool these days. Whether for member acquisition, advertising or simply to give pictures and videos a platform. We’ll show you how to be efficient in social networks!

Critical Thinking

What is critical thinking and why is it an essential matter – especially in relation to filtering information that we humans process in everyday life – this video has all the answers!

Online Security

How can I securely manage my personal data? In this video you will learn how to move safely in the digital space!

Content Creation

What is important when you produce a Video?

Types of online content

This video explains different types of content online. What is the best way to use online content, and how to get the best effect with the viewers.

Personal Identity & Digital Media

How does our personal identity develop and what role plays digital media in that context?

Storytelling & Personal Identity

How does storytelling effect  your personal identity on social media?


A quick overview about the basics that need to be considered in the postproduction of video.