EUROPEAN ECHOS 2 – Educational Citizen Media Magazine

In the second issue of “European Echoes”, the online magazine by and for young people, we bring you the following topics:

Password security: A film shows Michaela’s experience of being hacked by insecure password practices. It explains what secure passwords are.

Social media: The dual nature of social media is discussed. While they offer many benefits, such as bridging geographical distances and sparking social movements, they also have negative aspects, such as spreading misinformation and affecting mental health.

AI and Big Data: AI is influencing both digital and physical space, from education to urban planning. However, there are ethical concerns, particularly around privacy and labour market changes.

Gambling addiction among young people: The dangers of “pay-to-win” mechanisms and “loot boxes” in video games are highlighted, especially for young people. There is also an animated film on this.

AI, Big Data and John Connor: The potential dangers of AI and Big Data and the need for ethical frameworks and educational initiatives are discussed. Reference will be made to the Terminator film series and the character John Connor.

Healthy lifestyle and media consumption: Tips are given on how to deal with the stress caused by constant negative news. These include mindfulness, physical activity and conscious use of news sources.

Interaction of young people from different cultures with Spaniards: Spain’s openness facilitates the integration of young people. Social networks are an important tool for these young people to communicate and socialise.

Young authors: Different teams from Hungary, Romania, Spain and Germany contributed to this magazine in the CiMe Project.